What’s Happening at Sells 10/28/16

What’s Happening at Sells 10/28/16

We had a great turn out for our presentation on drugs and alcohol on Tuesday.  Thank you to everyone who attended the event.  I think everyone learned a lot and were very surprised at how accessible a high is with some basic home products and internet access.


We are happy to offer this program again.  Please email us at: if you are interested in attending this event.



Our Next PTO Meeting is November 16th at 7pm in Mrs. Begley’s Classroom.  We will be able to check out the Math departments new adaptive seating classroom as well as hear from our Special Ed and Gifted Teachers.




Tervis cups are back and for sale, $30 each or $25 for those who have made a PTO donation.  Please use this link to get yours for the holidays.  Available while supplies lasts.







Begins Friday,  November 4th! Check back here and on Facebook for the link to the store!




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