Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2016 minutes of the Sells Middle School PTO Executive meeting 

Bi-Law Meeting

Removed – past president as an executive position.  

Add – teacher representative an executive position in addition to the principal.

Removed – requirement to have 7 general meetings per year to bi-monthly meeting with a minimum of five meetings per year.  The executive board will meet prior to each meeting face to face or via electronic communication to discuss any business needing addressed prior to the general meeting.  

Add – section regarding electronic voting and needed 5 business days.  

Add – Minutes of each meeting publicly for access to all the membership to review.

Add – PTO will post the budget publicly for access to all membership to review.

Add – language to have a formula to spend down our budget.

Add – language regarding teacher grants and how the grants are reviewed and approved.

Removed – service and sellabration as we won’t be doing them in 2016-17.

Treasurers Report

$8,268.14 in checking

$41,411.70 in savings

Working on closing out the books from the 2015-16 school year.  Still waiting for items from the 8th grade farewell and spirit wear.

Spirit Wear will be doing a cash and carry signature t shirts (boys and girls) will sell for $12-15 and will cost $5-8.  They will be doing an on line store.  If teachers join the PTO they would get the t shirt membership will be $20 for teachers.  Parent membership will be $25. We will be budgeting $2500 for sprit wear.

Fundraisers – Tervis cups cost is $22 and we would retail for $30. We have to buy a 100 cup for the first run.  The other schools who are selling them have sold an average of $350. We would like to sell at athletic parent night.  

Coupon Book Save Around- every kid gets 1 to go home.  1-350 books we earn $10 per book.  351+ we earn $12.50.  Cost is $25.  Only request is that we that we don’t sell them during the magazine sale which is October.

First PTO Meeting would be a meet and great and we are looking for a location.  We will allocate $150 for refreshments.  

Would like to do another 8th grade dance. We don’t have a date yet.

We will only be doing 2 teacher meals for parent teacher conferences. In years past we did all 4 conference nights.

Matt will allow PTO to do 2 emails a month attached to his weekly emails.

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